Awesome talks

October 7, 2015

We currently don’t have a dishwasher. This gives me a lot of time to watch videos. I particularly enjoy watching presentations on programming.

So, over the past half year or so, I’ve been watched talks from the Awesome Talks list, curated by @JanVanRyswyck.

I’ve notice in my daily practice that the exposure to these presentations has made me a better programmer.

Can that really happen from watching a video while doing the dishes?

Well, yes. The same core ideas keep popping up in various talks. Every time presented by a different person in a different context. Repetition in learning works.

I recommend the list in it’s entirety. But if you’d like a taster to get started, this is one that was particularly enlightening for me:

Domain modelling with the F# type system

In this presentation Scott Wlaschin clearly shows how to use the type system to enforce the domain model. It was a real eye opener for me.