Developer for hire

March 16, 2017

I’ve been with my current employer for 9 years.
I’ve done things I’m proud of, learned a lot and gained some good friends.
Now it’s time for something new.

To be clear, I still like this company and the people in it. If you’re a web developer, looking for enjoyable work in a great team in the center of Antwerp, we’d love to talk to you.

Back to my story


What am I looking for and what do I have to offer?

I want to write good code in a team of people who care. People who care about their craft, about each other and about the purpose behind the project.

I’ve always chosen jobs based on what I most wanted to learn next. Apart from various technologies, I’ve honed skills ranging from understanding business people to architecting for maintainability. Currently, my focus is on functional programming.

Here’s my linkedin profile for your HR people.

What I’ll bring to your team

Enthousiasm! A thorough knowledge of web technologies both front-end and server-side and an understanding of when to apply them. I’ll work with the customer to discover the cause of their problem and with the system to find the solution that reduces rather than adds complexity.

Some things I’ve done recently

Led the implementation of the redesign of our main application.
Created a mechanism to keep the implementation differences between our many business lines manageable.
C#, IoC, Strategy Pattern
Created a Functional Reactive JavaScript framework.
JS, DOM, Streams, API design
Additionally, I made a Chrome DevTools plugin to visualize and debug code written in this framework.
Chrome, JS
Headed the development team for a year.

If you’d like a demo, here is a silly programming language I made a couple of years ago:

T-Regs stands for Text and Regular Expressions. The T-Regs Programming Language combines the robustness of Free Text with the ease of use of Regular Expressions.

It has a debugging interpreter written in JavaScript (try setting a breakpoint).

If I encountered an HR genie

(The type that only grants work related wishes) I’d wish for a job in Brussels. Where I’d be part of an experienced team building a product with F# and Elm for a company that in a meaningful way improves the world we live in. Or Haskell, that would be nice too.

Offers based in reality will be entertained as well.

Do you think we should talk?

Let’s talk!